The Malin Touch

by Nova
Newly dyed silks air-drying over Nova's backyard garden.

Newly dyed silks air-drying over Nova’s backyard garden.

Reworked & Hand-Dyed

Along with the unaltered vintage threads in our store, we also carry a collection of beautiful silk & cashmere items hand-dyed by Malin.  This collection arose out of a desire to add value to items otherwise considered trash.  Through the years, Malin would come across beautiful vintage items and then realize we couldn’t put them in our store because of a small stain that wouldn’t come out.  She started experimenting with different ways to make these items wearable again and developed her own creative style of dying them.  Her top-secret style produces watercolor-like wearable art, all created in her kitchen.  From silk shirts to cashmere cardigans to gorgeous gowns, these one-of-a-kind pieces are all works of love and will make you feel beautifully adorned.

Hand Dyed Vintage Pieces

Hand Dyed Vintage Pieces

More recently, Malin has also started reworking cashmere items, chopping up and piecing them together, creating fresh & adorable cropped sweaters or chic & cozy dresses.  These pieces have been flying out of the shop!

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