Our N 6th Street Storefront - We look forward to meeting you!

Our N 6th Street Storefront – We look forward to meeting you!

What is Malin Landaeus?

Malin Landaeus Select Vintage Collections is a unique, vintage boutique with adjacent rental showroom.  One of New York’s premier vintage resources for designers, stylists and fashion-conscious shoppers, Malin Landaeus’ main focus is creating community through having fun with sustainable style. Why Vintage? Read this story to find out.

Who is Malin?

Malin is the namesake and spearhead of the dual-focused business.  There would be no Malin Landaeus Select Vintage Collections without Malin.  With an extensive background in fashion, she has made her mark on the industry by influencing countless brands & design houses with her playful, fearless fashion-forwardness.  Malin has become a mother-like figure in Williamsburg, giving life  advice as well as fashion.  She is the visionary for the store and beyond – she will serve you tea and cake and encourage you to go after your dreams.  If you need someone to back you and believe in you, you’ve found the right place!

Read more about Malin’s journey here.

Our Team:

Nova is (as you may have guessed) Malin’s daughter and business partner.  She wears many hats, including store manager, bookkeeper, showroom model, and creator of all social media, PR & web content.  Malin refers to her as Manager of All Things.  Nova prefers Manager of Many Things, because “All Things” may just be a little too much.  Whatever her title, Nova keeps the wheels churning and together they make an inspiring and formidable team.  When Nova is not stirring her many business-related pots, she can be spotted dancing salsa all over NYC and beyond.  She lives in South Williamsburg with her husband, Gene, and their dog, Gordon, and on weekends you will find the gang upstate working on creating the farm of their dreams.

Sabine, our full-time Showroom Manager, is an indispensable part of our team.  She works alongside Malin with our clients visiting the showroom as well as in curating collections for the store.  Malin likes to refer to Sabine as her “sidekick”, but really Sabine has become her right-hand and both Malin & Nova look to Sabine for all kinds of support and opinions in various branches of the business.  She is the “glue”, if you will, another integral part of the Malin Landaeus machinery.  Sabine also works part-time with VS Magazine as a fashion editor, and her experience with and understanding of current fashion trends is immensely helpful.  A music enthusiast, you will see Sabine at all of the coolest concerts in town.  On her off-hours she is most likely found at her local haunt, Sweetwater.

Besides our core team named above, we have an incredible array of talented women on our store staff.  Those we work with quickly become family and we keep close friendships with all our employees, past and present.  Community is an integral part of our business and so we treasure the relationships built by working so closely and fiercely support each other in all we do.  Many of our employees are pursuing careers in the arts and all those who have left have gone on to follow their dreams.  Our goal as a business is to support each other in living the lives we want and reminding each other of how powerful we are as women when we stand together.