Our Footwear

by Nova
So many boots to choose from!

So many boots to choose from!

All of our vintage footwear is handmade of the highest quality leather available.   Unlike shoes made today in our current “throwaway fashion” trends, which may only last a few months, the shoes we carry were made in an era where footwear was an investment and meant to last for years, not just one season.  Most of our shoes are lined with the same quality leather on the inside as is used on the exterior, which allows them to properly break in to fit your foot while still keeping their shape. Our shoes are all well cared for, in beautiful condition – some have never been worn. 

Here are a few tips for caring for your vintage shoes:

        • Try to rotate footwear when possible. Like all leather, when warmed by all-day wear, your shoes will become supple.  It is best for your shoes & boots if they have a day or two to rest between wears.  If you are someone who has one pair of favorites you wear day in and day out, you probably know how quickly they usually wear.  If you rotate your footwear, you will give each pair time to dry out and firm up, making them last much longer. 
        • Take them to the cobbler before they’re damaged.  Us New Yorkers, we walk A LOT.  You probably consider yourself someone who “wears their shoes hard”.  Take care of your investment!  Let them have a little TLC, get buffed & shined.  When your heels and soles start to get worn down, take them to be cared for before you start eating into the wood or leather.  If your shoes have the original leather sole exposed, consider having a rubber sole put on right away, especially if you plan on wearing them in wet weather.  Your shoes will thank you and give you many more months (or years!) of wear if you treat them well. 


* If you ever have an issue with your new shoes, don’t hesitate to let us know!  Remember, these items have been in existence for 10 years or more.  Sometimes, for example, the glue will have dried out and cause the sole to come off the shoe. Don’t despair!  The heat from your feet after many years of not being worn can warm & soften the glue and cause it to separate.  This is a very easy fix that we always are more than happy to take care of, on us.  (It is impossible for us to know which shoes this will happen with, though we always do our best to assess the shoes and take them to get repaired if we see any sign of this happening).  Once they are re-glued, they are good as new and it won’t happen again.  They quality and integrity of the shoes is not compromised – for some reason the glue they sometimes used just doesn’t last after a decade. Contact us if you have any issues with your shoes!

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