We Are Now Open Again!

by Nova


July 20, 2020


 We are officially open again for business with in-store shopping! We are operating at 50% capacity and following stringent safety protocols. Masks are required to enter our store and we have several hand sanitizer stations. All garments will be steamed after they have been tried on and we are regularly wiping down surfaces. We are doing everything we can to keep you, our beloved customers, and our staff safe & healthy. As always, if you feel unwell, please stay home.

We hope to see you back in the store soon!

Love, Malin & Nova

March 15, 2020:


In an effort to protect our loved ones and our community as effectively as possible from the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to close our store until it is considered safe to reopen.

We all need to find ways to stay connected as we hunker down.  We welcome you to reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook, even if just to say “Hi!”

We will update you as we try to navigate this unprecedented situation. This is a really challenging time for everyone and we are doing everything we can to ensure we are able to reopen when this is behind us, while also helping to support our staff. Our store is a home – A home for our community built by all of you and our amazing staff.

We will endeavor to find creative ways to keep that going virtually, while our doors remain closed. Support your favorite local businesses any way you can.
We are still offering 20% off e-gift cards (can be used later – they don’t expire).

We look forward to seeing you again, when this challenging time is behind us. We already miss you!
Stay safe. Stay healthy.
Love, Malin, Nova + Staff

March 13, 2020:

To our beloved customers;

We are currently still open for business, but if/when the time comes for us to close the store, we will do so. We are closely following the recommendations and updates provided by the city. Our priority is the health and safety of our customers, our staff, and our community. As we are all learning, we must all prioritize “flattening the curve”, even if it means big sacrifices and challenges for many of us in the short(er)-term.

We are doing everything we can at present to keep our customers and our staff safe by social distancing, continuously disinfecting counters, doors, and card reader, washing hands frequently, and asking that all who enter our store use hand sanitizer provided – or wash your hands in our sink if you prefer.

⁠All our employees are feeling healthy and know that it is imperative for them to stay home and use their sick leave if they are not feeling well. We encourage our customers to exercise the same precautions during this challenging time.⁠

⁠All small businesses are struggling at the moment, Here are a few ways you can help support us and your other favorite small businesses stay afloat:

  1. buy a gift card now to be used later
  2. write a positive google or yelp review
  3. shop their Instagram / Online

We are currently offering 20% off all e-gift card purchases. These never expire, and you can use them right away or you can save them for a later date.



As we prepare for the probability of having to temporarily close our doors, we continue to strategize around creative ways to continue servicing our customers and supporting our staff. It is of course the employees and hourly workers who will be impacted most by these closures, and we want to do everything we can to keep providing work and pay for our staff, beyond sick leave.

We will be posting more items on Instagram for purchase as well as offering virtual personal shopping and live-streaming our new spring collections as a way for you all to enjoy the sense of community, fun, & creativity you’ve all helped us create. More on this to come in future social media posts & stories, so stay tuned!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook

If you’re feeling stressed by all the news, don’t forget to take a break. Turn it off for a little while, take some deep breaths, drink some water, get some fresh air if you can, and recenter yourself. For your health, physical, mental, and spiritual.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay connected to your loved ones in any way you can figure out. We’re here for you, too, in this difficult time.

With love,  Malin, Nova, & Staff

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