Sunday Afternoon Tea Party

by Nova

a.k.a. FIKA*

In 2010, when I began working full-time with Malin at the store, we decided to create a special, weekly event to which we could invite friends to come visit and not feel obligated to shop.  Since then, we have offered Afternoon Tea every Sunday, featuring several different kinds of tea as well as home-baked vegan & gluten-free treats.  You can have a cup of tea and peruse our newest collections – or if you are on a tight budget, let us know.  We will promise to not accept your credit card at Tea on Sunday.  Cake is free of charge, no purchase necessary!  We are just so happy to be surrounded by such a lovely community of supportive, creative, and fun people.  It is often something we invite people to, especially those who are perhaps new to Williamsburg on NYC, to come hang out and meet other cool, inspiring people of all ages & walks of life.

We hope to see you on Sunday!

♥︎ Nova

Sunday Afternoon Tea
4pm, Every Sunday
Malin Landaeus Select Vintage Collections

Check our website for updates with new recipes featured at Sunday Afternoon Tea.

*Fika is a Swedish word for coffee or tea and any kind of baked good or cake.  You can fika (used both as a verb and a noun) any time of day, not just in the afternoon.  Morning fika? Yes please.  Fika now? Of course!

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